This song was made on 20th November 2013 with Abernyte P4-7 with Ewan McVicar and Mrs Holt. We chose the tune because it was played by Robert the Bruce's soldiers as they marched to Bannockburn in 1314.



By Abernyte P4-P7
Tune Hey Tutti Taitie

Vote yes or vote no, will we stay or will we go
The answer to that we won’t know till autumn of next year


Three hundred and six years since Queen Anne paid the peers
Great Britain quickly appeared, Hurray Hurray Hurray!


There’s a challenging debate, lots of people communicate
The TV and the papers state ‘You’ll have to make your mind up’


Where’s the money for our defence, is it economic sense?
Oil for independence, our taxes might go down


What will the future bring, which way will the votes swing?
We can’t vote but we can sing, Trala, Trala, Trala

Abernyte Primary, Perthshire

The following songs were made with Abernyte Primary school classes in 2009

Abernyte Orchard Song, P1-3
[Tune Skip to my lou]

Apple, pear, cherry and a plum
Apple, pear, cherry and a plum
Apple, pear, cherry and a plum
Planted in our playing field


We dug a hole in the ground
Put the tree roots right down
Put the spoil back around
The new trees in our playing field


A brand new orchard for our school
Juicy fruits will be so cool
Healthy living in our school
Come and see our playing field


Fruit will grow, birds will come
To sit in the branches one by one
When the trees grow high we’ll all have fun
Jogging round our playing field



[TUNE: Ghost Riders in the Sky]


The travellers came to Rossie Priory, to Castle Hill Farm
Their horse was cold, their feet were muddy, the mother had a baby on her arm
It was winter cold and wet, they asked for a camping site
The farmer sent them to the edge of the wood, that's where they'd be safe at night


Ghost campers in the sky


Snug inside their bender tent, Duncan and Isa felt secure
They were thinking of last summer when they camped in Kirriemuir
Then they heard somebody sing, way up in the cloudy sky
They looked and saw a ghastly sight, a turquoise horse with yellow eyes


His eyes shone like lasers, the sky lit up like fire
He pulled a shiny golden cart with racing car tyre
On it was an oval tent, beautiful and big and new
They felt jealous at the sight, and wished that they could have one too


Then the ghostly travellers came, strolling through the misty clouds
The soft singing sounded, words coming clear and loud
Duncan and Isa recognised, it was their own secret song
The ghostly travellers were themselves, adults looking rich and strong


Oh can you see? Look up high
It might be you and I




There's no snow in Abernyte
We can't have a snowball fight
We can't sledge, we can't ski 
That's no fun for you and me


Snow in Abernyte
That would be dynamite


We can play a football game
But that's really not the same
Round the playground we can go
But we'd rather have some snow


If we had some slidey ice
That would be really nice
If a penguin came to town
It could waddle up and down


We could build a big snowman
We really think we can
We would like our friend to stay
But he needs to melt away



[tune Katie Bairdie]

John Milton had a farm
He broke his right arm
It caused a big alarm
On the Braes of Gowrie


All the children started to shout
Karen got the tractor out
Turned the steering wheel about


She went shooting down the road
She'd never learned the Highway Code
She almost ran over a toad


She went roaring to Dundee
Ninewells A and E
She didn't know who she had to see


A nurse dressed in white and blue
Said 'What is the matter with you?'
'I broke my arm, boo hoo'


The nurse got wet plaster out
She wrapped it round and round about
And stretched his arm straight out


They put John in a wheely bed
'Don't do that again' they said
He was glad he wasn't dead
On the Braes of Gowrie


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