A new song about Livingston New Town, made by Ewan McVicar from ideas from Livingston primary pupils.


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Our town Livingston


The New Town grew in ‘62

From farms and mansions, mills and mines

And they were added to the brew for our town of Livingston

In the rolling countryside old Livingston Village, it was there

And then came houses like a tide for people coming to Livingston.


Livingston, Livingston


Busy, noisy, full of life, our town, Livingston

Lots of good people here, living in Livingston

The football club, the swimming pool, our town, Livingston

The skate park and the cinema, living in Livingston


Livingston, Livingston


The pond is full of swans and ducks, our town, Livingston

The Centre’s full of folk and cars, living in Livingston

Beautiful our scenery, our town, Livingston

Joyful, fab, and full of fun, living in Livingston          


Livingston, Livingston


Offices and factories, schools for young folk just like us

Shops and churches, libraries, for our town Livingston

The theatre at Howden Park, our town, Livingston

Shows and concerts, dancing too, living in Livingston


Livingston, Livingston


Who helped to make this song? Bankton, Peel and Carmondean

Would you like to learn our song about our town, Livingston?

Maybe yes or maybe no, but on one thing we agree,

Here’s the finest place to grow………………living in Livingston



The melody is adapted from the reel “The Lass o’ Livingston” in Allan Ramsay’s ‘Music to Tea-table Miscellany 1726’.

The lyric is by Ewan McVicar, who gathered ideas and phrases from pupils in Bankton and Peel Primaries in Livingston. Then Liz Reid and pupils of Carmondean Primary Schools, Livingston, worked the lyric over and performed it as Carmondean Folkscene in the concert to mark the 50th anniversary of the founding of Livingston New Town.


This song was made up on 30th January 2013 by the Bellsquarry Primary School Rights Respecting Commttee with songwriter Ewan McVicar.
The tune is 'Ye Canny Shove Yer Grannie Aff A Bus'.

Bellsquarry is a Rights Respecting school
Where water, food and home should be the rule
Kids in every nation have a right to education
Bellsquarry is a Rights Respecting school

Bellsquarry is a Rights Respecting place
Good health and rest and play should be the case
Kids of every race have the right to feel safe
Bellsquarry is a Rights Respecting place

Kids should have their rights throughout the world
Involving every boy and every girl
Believing what they like, nobody should fight
Kids should have their rights throughout the world