When David Livingstone visited his great friend and supporter James 'Paraffin'Young in Polmont, the two went to worship at Kirk of Calder Church in Mid Calder.


Mid Calder Primary pupils recently made their own models of the church, and recorded their school song to play while viewing their work.


Welcome to Mid Calder

Mid Calder, Mid Calder, We live in Mid Calder
Mid Calder, Mid Calder, North, South, East, West
Mid Calder is the best.


We have a tale to tell you. We hope you’ll lend an ear
It’s all about Mid Calder, and the folk who’re living here.

Our school is a lovely place, we know that we are right
The pupils are so friendly , and they never , ever fight.


We have four rival houses, they collect to get high points
Cunigar, Calderwood, Linhouse and Almondell.

Life here is so peaceful, quiet as can be,
So if you’re on a journey, why don’t you stop and see?


The tune is Welcome to Glentattie which is in a musical by the Singing Kettle called Scotch Broth.

Mid Calder

To see great models of Kirk of Calder Church press here!

Hear Mid Calder school song here